Summer RE:Fresh Prayer Log


Who doesn't love summer? We sure do! God created all of the seasons, and we love him for it! But with all of the fun and relaxation that summer brings, there's also the subtle temptation to have a "vacation" mindset with how we connect with God. Our enemy, satan, would love nothing more than for us to be a little less diligent and fervent with how we pray, serve, and live out our faith. 

It's encouraging to keep in mind that God is always speaking to us, even on those sunny, 80º days, when the beach is calling our name. The real question is are we listening? While God may speak primarily thru his written word, He also speaks through His creation. In Psalms 19:1, the psalmist cries out "the heavens declare of your glory."

As followers of Jesus, communicating with God should be a two-way conversation. Prayer is a dialogue - a back & forth in which we pour out our hearts to God and he in turn responds to us.  Jesus once said in John 10:27, 

“My sheep hear my voice,

and I know them, and they

follow me."  

As you pray, you may have thoughts full of truth that you know are not your own. This is God’s Spirit speaking to you! Sometimes He brings to mind a Scripture. Sometimes He brings to mind a picture or analogy that helps us understand a truth he’s sharing with us. Other times he gives us insight beyond our natural intelligence or reasoning.

During or after your designated prayer time, please take time to comment below, add your name and what you believe God is sharing for our church family. Please, let’s limit the comments to things that you sense are for the whole church community, not just yourself.  (We encourage you to write down personal words you receive in your own journal to be able to reflect on later.)  Please also try to keep your notes to encouragements and edifications of the church and not rebukes. (1 Corinthians 14:3)

When the Spirit is speaking to a whole community, He often does so by speaking similar things to multiple individuals.  As we dedicate this month to seeking God’s face as a church, we want to honor and promote what God is speaking in our midst. These comments will serve as an encouragement and confirmation of His voice to us all! 


Prayer is a dialogue - a back & forth in which we pour out our hearts to God and he in turn responds to us