What is Fasting?

The spiritual discipline of temporarily going without something that may be good, to more permanently go after something greater–God.

Why Do We Need to Fast?

Because we want to hunger for God more than anything. And because Jesus expects it of his followers. In Matthew 6:16, he says, “When you fast” not  “if you fast.” 

Is Fasting basically a diet?

Simply forfeting food is not a biblical fast. A biblical fast has an emphasis on prayer, often substituting time spent eating with prayer or serving others with good deeds.

What are the benefits of fasting?

  • Humility
  • Greater abilty to hear God
  • Intimacy with Christ
  • Greater dependency on God
  • Self control
  • Decreased desire to satisfy self
  • Spiritual strength

what should I fast?

Although what you fast will be between to you and God (and your spouse if you're married), make it count! Do your best to give up something that you regularly enjoy. We suggest starting with food, but in addition, ask him to reveal what additional activities you should go without for the week. 

Do Not Fast

  • Water
  • Food, if you are pregnant or have not been cleared to do so from your doctor
  • Sex, if you are married and your husband or wife is not in full agreement