The lion sees it all. He looks across the plains at what the kingdom has become. It’s kill or be killed, cheat or be cheated. The weak won’t bother fighting, it’s eat or be eaten. His righteousness provokes Him to jump in and save, knowing that to rescue all would cost Him His own life. His mercy propels Him to make Himself the prey. So He let the wolves surround Him; a lamb He would become.

Here we have the big idea of the Scriptures and the meta narrative of our lives. Deep down, we know that there is something wrong. There’s a longing in our souls begging to be satisfied. We need it to all make sense. In uncompromising justice and relentless mercy, majesty and meekness, Christ–the lion and the lamb, enters the scene and makes everything right, but not before exposing the damage that has already been done. During the month of August, we will study the Book of Micah, God’s displeasure with his people’s disobedience, and His ultimate promise of restoration. Join us on Sunday’s at 12 Noon and come see the irresistibility of Jesus Christ, the Lion and the Lamb.