Inwardly Hurting, Outwardly Smiling

At Detroit Church we believe that God invented family to help us understand our invitation into his family. Meet a member of our family, Christa Cuffie: 

Yo! What up doe family! I'm Christa Cuffie and I am a Detroiter. My journey with Detroit Church began when I sang with them at Kensington Church in Troy. What an amazing night that was! I had been told about it by my sister Kamesha whose husband, my bro-in-love Phonz, is one of the Pastors. The Lead Pastor would be Marcellis "Sonny" Smith who I'd known my whole life! Wow, this is crazy. After that I began to come to the launch meetings at D Pop, then UPA. I didn't know what to expect. I was still unsure, but weirdly sure of my belonging here. I couldn't leave. By the time we got to April 10, 2016 I was singing all the time! That first launch day I sang with my girl Brianne Danter (Big ups to Canada); it was such an excitement in the air. The birthing of something new was coming forth and we were all in expectation and curious of what God would do through this place. At that time I was still really, really bound by fear. I was still battling identity issues, and not confronting things that happened to me in the past and still affect me today. I was still figuring out who I was in Christ. It was a time of mourning as the 2-year anniversary of my brother’s death had just passed. I had no church home at the time, and not many true friends. I was going through a lot inwardly, but smiling outwardly. God has really used this home and its people to help me step into who I am in God and the value that I have in the Earth!

What stands out to me about Detroit Church is...FAMILY!! I LOVE MY FAMILY! I've never encountered, to this extent, a body of people truly seeking to be the Kingdom of God by fellowshipping in one another's lives. We are on this journey together! We care for one another's needs, and we seek to love God and love people with the love that He has so graciously lavished on us. It is truly beautiful to see. Being around this body, these beautiful people have become my intercessors, my confidants, my family, and my best friends. It hasn't always been easy for me here, but I am grateful that God had me stay! He wouldn't let me go, even when I wanted to dip at times! LOL! He said be patient and stay put. Isn't it wonderful how He knows so much more than we do? Duh! Lol. I love being a part of Detroit Church.

I am one of the Worship Leaders at Detroit Church; I sing and play the occasional Cajon. 😉 It is truly wonderful to serve. Again, it hasn't always been easy but God has built my perseverance, my strength, my trust in Him, my intimacy with Him, and my freedom in Him! I just can't sit still y'all! Lol, being surrounded by a group of worshippers like I have been with our team has been life-changing. I see the tapestry of the wonder of the Kingdom in the lives and worship of each person. I am truly grateful. Being a part of this team has brought great joy into my life; and being able to lead this congregation in worship to our Father is a high honor to me and straight humbling for real, for real yall. I DO NOT take it lightly.

To me ALL THINGS NEW means no more shame of my past. (He is breaking it off of me!) No more fear! (He is breaking it off of me!) It means a fresh start, a new beginning. It means that the struggles of this world are nothing compared to the glory we can share with God now and shall share with our savior Jesus forever! It means HOPE! The GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ALL TIME to me is the journey of discipleship. It is the narrow road that leads to life everlasting! It is the wild ride; the beautiful, crazy, wonderful, challenging, and freeing adventure of following Jesus! It's not boring y'all, that's for sure!

I'm grateful, so grateful to be on this adventure with my Detroit Church family for the advancement of the Kingdom of God! We'll follow His leading! Love y'all! Many blessings and Peace to ya ❤

Christa Cuffie