Seeing what God sees

How often do we look at our surroundings from God's perspective? At Detroit Church seeing what God sees and loving how He loves is at the core of everything we do. Meet the Sims:

"After moving to Virginia to attend Bible school in 2011, my wife and I felt that we should come back to Detroit to be a part of the comeback story that was in place. Detroit is her home city, and I felt a real tug in my spirit to return. So, in the year 2016 we did just that; we packed our family and our things and made the 13-hour drive back to Detroit, Michigan.

Just before relocating back to Michigan, I really began to look at my surroundings from God’s perspective. I saw a city that needed God’s intervention to be restored and transformed, and I saw God using me to give back to its community. In contacting and connecting with people from other cities, I felt the sense of despair and negativity always regarding Detroit. It bothered me to hear all people had to say about Detroit was adverse especially from those who were born and raised in the city. So, I decided with God’s leading to found PUSH. PUSH is a community-based organization whose sole purpose is to give back to it and ‘do something’ were needed. The first division, PUSH-Detroit, was the great endeavor. And it’s been growing ever since. We have gathered in both Detroit and Pontiac to spruce up neighborhoods and give food and hygiene packages to the homeless and much more. It has truly become my mission and will last for a long time.

Upon returning to Michigan, my wife and I knew we needed a solid church home where we were comfortable and happy and our children were safe, having fun, and were spiritually fed. I, more specifically, was looking for a church with a vision that aligned with my organization. We returned to our original church, but it did not fit the vision of PUSH, nor did it fit our individual or our familial needs. Then, I came across a website of a brand-new church. It seemed small, yet promising because its vision has Jesus at the center and desired to give back to the community, just as I did. My family and I attended one service, then made trips to other churches in the area, but Detroit Church would not leave our minds, nor our hearts. Finally, in October 2016 we made the decision to plug in to Detroit Church. Now, active as a service producer, working with media and a part of the men’s ministry I am enjoying life and a living witness that God makes ‘all things new’. To find out more about PUSH, visit or our Facebook page THE PUSH NETWORK