Home is Where God Sends You

At Detroit Church we believe that "home" isn't always where YOU think it should be, but where GOD sends you. Meet Tanya and Joel Tiemeyer: 

"Joel and I were living in Ypsilanti while I attended graduate school. We began to feel a tug on our hearts to relocate after graduation. I was interning as a speech-language pathologist in Ann Arbor and knew that I was called to work in special education.I felt called to explore other options in the surrounding area and Detroit kept coming up in all of our conversations. 

We visited Detroit many weekends to find a neighborhood that felt like home. After much frustration, we heard about a great landlord in the Rosedale Park neighborhood. It was an immediate decision to sign the lease and move in. 

Youth With A Mission was renting a house a couple doors over. One of the team members invited us to his church on the baptism Sunday. The following Sunday, we attended without him and Pastor Sonny started a rap party. Even though it was challenging to go to an unfamiliar church, we were impressed with the diversity and genuineness of the congregation. I am now involved with the photography team. Joel volunteers with marketing team and the set-up and tear-down crew. We attend the Renaissance life group and feel like we have family far away from home. Detroit Church has welcomed us into their family and we feel loved and accepted!" ~ Tanya Tiemeyer