Change begins here!

At Detroit Church we believe that Detroit is a starting point for the revival God is sparking in this nation and around the world, not an ending point. Change begins here! Meet DeLean Tolbert: 

"I grew up in North Rosedale Park. My grandmother helped my mom and dad get a beautiful 1930’s brick home. Around the fourth grade my parents divorced and life (as we kids knew it) became a little more challenging and complex but God sustained my mom and all my siblings! Fast forward.

In 2003, I surrendered my life to Christ. When I heard that God had given his son Jesus so that He could have a relationship with me…I wanted what He had to offer. I am so glad I did and since then, my relationship with my own father has started to improve.

I moved away for school but I believed that Detroit would experience a spiritual revival. Once I finished my last degree, I envisioned myself traveling the country and the world and then settling in Detroit! But God had a surprise for me, “Detroit is a starting point, not an ending point!” 

God provided a job for me at the University of Michigan-Dearborn as an Assistant Professor of engineering. I ultimately was excited to come back home because I missed my family and wanted to impact the Detroit area with them. Now I needed to trust God to send me to a church. Back in 2016, I saw an online article about this new ministry called Detroit Church. When I moved back, I prayed that I would meet someone from Detroit Church before visiting. That week I caught up with an old college friend and he invited to come to his church…Detroit Church. An answered prayer!

Detroit Church has been many answered prayers. The Monday night prayer group has been a lifeline. It is so cool to connect with brothers and sisters, worship God, share burdens, and see God answer prayers. The Renaissance Lifegroup has become family. We dig deep because we are learning to be transparent so that God can work in and through us! We are new creatures in Christ! I look forward to see what is coming next..." DeLean Tolbert