A life better than you can imagine

At Detroit Church we believe that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are called according to HIS purpose. Sometimes His purpose reveals itself during trying times, resulting in a life better than you can imagine. Meet Jeff and Dana Adams:

"1998 was a water shed year for Dana and me. Though we had accepted Christ while in college, we did not really understand what it meant to follow and rely upon Him. In 1998 Dana got breast cancer. During her treatment she experienced God’s comforting and love. 

The cancer caused us to evaluate our life priorities which led to a career change and family relocation to Detroit. On our first visit to Detroit we found Kensington Church. There we experienced the church in action. We went on a Mission trip to Recife, Brazil. When returning we felt God’s calling from a sermon based on the book of Nehemiah. God called Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem. God is calling followers to return to the urban core to bring the Kingdom there. As a result we moved to the Brightmoor neighborhood in 2003. 

In April of 2015 Artesian Farms launched, a social enterprise business which transforms blighted buildings, provides economic opportunity for folks in the neighborhood, and protects the environment. We grow a variety of lettuce, kale and basil 365 days a year. Currently three people are employed. Artesian products are sold thru several grocers in Southeast Michigan.

In 2015 Kensington became one of the churches to launch Detroit Church. Once again God spoke very clearly that we should be involved with Detroit Church. Dana works in the nursery and I volunteer on the First Impressions Team." ~ Jeff Adams

For more information on Artesian Farms go to www.artesianfarms.com