...It’s what we believe Heaven will look like.

'Many different kinds of people from many different places, united in Christ.' That's Detroit Church! Meet Don and Mary Butler and read what they have to say about Detroit Church and the ministry being done: 

"We first heard about Detroit Church while attending Oakpointe. We were intrigued by this new church in Detroit and wanted to see what it was about. We attended their second service and have been a part of Detroit Church ever since. We didn’t know that would be the case at first but we were attracted by what we saw—an ethnically, generationally and socio-economically diverse body of believers, a senior pastor who was genuine, transparent and Christ-centered, not self-centered and a context that was totally God-focused and dependent on Him for provision. In many ways Detroit Church reminds us of the church we attended while we lived in Egypt. Many different kinds of people from many different places and walks of life all united in Christ. It’s what we believe Heaven will look like. We have a heart for Detroit and we want to be a part of what God is doing in our city. As new empty-nesters we feel a newness to our lives and are honestly very excited about it! We know God is calling us to love and serve the people of Detroit. We love the fact that Detroit Church is not traditional in the sense of ritual or “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. We love that there is such total dependence on our Lord and what He wills for us as we seek to advance His kingdom purpose in seeing “all things made new”." ~ Don and Mary Butler