Leaving The Comforts Of Home...

In 2010, God told me very clearly that my life would involve working with Arabs and Muslims. I didn’t know what this meant fully at the time though. But after graduating from college in 2013 I lived in the Detroit area for about 6 months because I knew there was such a large Arab population here. But just a year later, I found myself back in My home state of Kentucky. 

My wife Felicia and I were quite happy living in Kentucky with all of the beautiful rolling hills and the small town feel. Plus we were pretty comfortable in our work situations as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better position on staff at a church. I absolutely loved where I was!

In February of 2016 God began to remind me of what he’s called me to do with my life. Through a string of small moments God had been speaking to both myself and Felicia about what our next step was in life. It only took a couple weeks after beginning the conversation that we realized God was calling us to move the Metro-Detroit area. In May we moved here to launch our new ministry, Arab World Outreach. 

One of the most challenging things for the both of us about our move was leaving our home church. We loved the people, were growing so much, and loved the vision the church had to reach the region we lived in. We thought it would be a challenge to find a community of believers so special to our heart as that one. 

God works things out for the good of His people, in amazing ways that we wouldn’t even expect. We visited Detroit Church our 4th week in the area. We knew instantly that this was our new home church. We absolutely love being involved here, whether we're chatting late about real issues with our Life Group or having the ability to pray with people each Sunday on the Prayer Team... We are all in with the mission of what Detroit Church is about. The people quickly became family and the church body had the same kind of vision for the region that we loved so much back in Kentucky. 

God gave us Detroit Church and we are so blessed to call it home.

Marion and Felicia, founders of Arab World Outreach, have dedicated their lives to showing the love of Jesus to the Arab community in Dearborn. For more information on Arab World Outreach go to Arabworldoutreach.org