Walter Ward - Impacted

Sunday's service at Detroit Church was amazing. Although I've always believed in Christ; one of the things that has turned me off about many churches in the past is the hypercritical environment that they've created. It encourages people to hide their mess. I've found it as disingenuous and off-putting and I often discovered myself hiding my own brokenness. What I loved about Sunday was that Pastor Sonny was open in a way that many leaders are not. It was a real example of how in our weakness and in our brokenness God's grace makes us strong. It was encouraging to me because I'm faaaaaarrrr from perfect. I can be a clown at times. Lol. But I was reminded that in my weakest moments Gods grace is ever present to make me strong. It's only when we are open and transparent to ourselves, God and others that Gods grace truly strengthen us to make our walk stronger. I encourage anyone who feels less than, not good enough, feels defeated or is simply painfully aware of their imperfections to come lean into His Grace!