Welcome to our journey through the scriptures

Together we'll walk through the bible as the story of god from cover to cover. We'll also share conversation inside of each scene or portion of the story. we believe we'll see Jesus, each other, and our mission more clearly as we create space in our lives to "know the story".


beginning & creation

In order to find the true the purpose of a story, one must return to the beginning. The first line in this story is perhaps, one of the most powerful of all. "In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth" Let's start at the beginning!



There is much to learn from the very first lie recorded in scripture. We'll learn about the lie itself, and it's lasting effects. Much of what we see today can be traced back to this moment. 


devotion & depravity

For the first time, we'll get a taste of the jealousy, anger, and even murder within the human heart. Our capacity to bring great pleasure to God and each other also reveals our capacity for destruction. 


The Flood

The Story of Noah, provides an unbelievably intimate picture of God's judgment and profound since of fidelity toward his people. While we see the might of his righteous hand, we also see the commitment of his loving heart.  


the covenant

A significant portion of our early development is affected by our experiences with “Promises.” if during pivotal moments, promises made to us are fulfilled, our personalities are shaped by it. Also, if promises towards us are not kept or fulfilled, we are formed (or deformed) by it as well. This week we’ll look at the promise or covenant God made with Abram.


the decision

If someone were to ask you "What's the most important thing in your life?", the quickest path to our truest response would also be the answer to "What's the most difficult thing to give up?" It's often easier to request large life-changing blessings from God, than it is to set those things aside at a moments' notice and engage the God of the blessings. Similar to Abraham, we must make a decision. 


the right fight

Have you ever fought for something that you were convinced was meant for you? Were you willing to do absolutely anything? Even if it meant using deception or manipulation to get what you wanted? You’re not the first, nor the last. 


promises pits & palaces

Have you ever found yourself asking “why me?” Has it ever seemed like others were catching breaks and moving forward, but you were somehow taking steps backwards? Let’s check out Joseph’s journey from the pit to the palace. 


Suffering slaves & stuttering speakers

Have you ever had your eyes opened to the condition of those around you? We’ve all felt the tempting tug to be apathetic and just focus on our personal situations. But what happens when God opens our eyes to what’s going on around us? How should we respond to the great “I AM?”



Have you ever thought that God asked you to do something unusual? Inside of these moments there’s often an impulse to ignore or resist his voice or commands. But success is measured by one word: obedience. Let’s check out the impact and scope of radical obedience.



What’s your perspective on laws? Many view laws and rules as dry rigid restrictions meant to create a carbon-copy society of uniformity. But what if laws were meant to give us a sense of freedom? What if a commandment or rule was intended to provide the best environment to flourish and go deeper into a holy and powerful God. Let’s look at this context of laws and commandments.



How would you define a sacrifice? Some dictionaries define it as “an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.” Let’s take a look at the system of sacrifice that the children of Israel used for hundreds of years.



Have you ever forgiven someone you love? Maybe a relative, spouse, friend, or even a business partner? It’s an interesting space to be in. Caught between your deep feelings for them, and your feelings that were hurt or scorched by them. With us, God knows this feeling all to well, and more times than we could imagine, he’s chosen to remain faithful to us and his promises towards us. 



What’s more important, the gift or the wrapping? Most, excluding a few type A personalities, would quickly reply “the gift” of course. It seems like a bit of a no-brainer, however some of God’s chosen people developed a specific expectation concerning the arrival of the Messiah. Jesus’ birth was nothing short of miraculous and yet for some, not grandiose enough. Let’s dig into the beautiful simplicity of the birth of Jesus.



When was the last time you saw a movie trailer and said "I'm definitely going to see that?" What was it about the message of things to come that got you excited? The best trailers give us an idea about what's coming. it's as if we can peek into the future just enough to see that what's about to happen is going to be an incredible experience. In many ways, John (the baptist) as he was known, was a type of announcement of what was on the way. While he was certainly eccentric in his day, his message was undeniable: turn from sins, and turn to God. Then came Jesus.



Have you ever felt as if life would be easier if you gave in to the trends of thought or dominant agendas around you? Many of us face this challenge more often than we might think. All day everyday, we’re being flooded with messages about what we should wear, want, and even what type of person we should become. Back when Jesus’ earthly ministry began, he was everything but trendy. The same things that caused his fame to spread were also the very thing that bread contempt and hatred in some. Let’s check out a few of his scenes.  



What is the Kingdom? Why did Jesus talk about it so much? How do we get in? These questions and many more were constantly being hurled at Jesus by all types of people from different walks of life. This subject of the kingdom is one of the most engaging and life-changing realities of all time. Let’s dive in!



Have you ever seen the impossible happen? Something that couldn’t be explained? Those who walked with Jesus saw this over and over again, and were filled to the brim with wonder and amazement. It’s interesting that people responded to this phenomena in very different ways. Some came running, while others ran away. But the person and work of Jesus provokes us to look up in awe to something much greater than ourselves. Let’s check out some of Jesus’ miracles and the impact they had.


new covenant

Have you ever watched a movie, and sensed a change or twist coming? Usually there are a few indicators like the music changes, maybe the pace slows, or maybe it gets darker. In a similar fashion, during this story there’s an indication that something different is coming. Jesus actually gives his followers a heads up, and yet they didn’t fully understand it. He shares truths that are still very much relevant and applicable today. Let’s look into the beginning of the New Covenant.


death and resurrection

Can a man kill God? Is it truly possible for a man that performed so many miracles and wonders, to be slain? Some see the death of Jesus as discrediting his deity, while others see this as him laying his life down, willingly. Let’s dive into the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus. 


The Church

What is this revealed-mystery called the church? It’s paradoxical. It’s an organism, and yet an organization. It’s local and intimate, and also global and universal. There are different ideas, but what must the church be? What can the church be? And what kind of church does Detroit need?