life group FAQ's

Which day of the week will my group meet each week?
Each group collectively decides which day and time works best for leaders, host, and members. 

Will there be childcare provided?
Groups have the opportunity to discuss the need for childcare and choose the most feasible solution for group meetings. 

Will there be food provided?
At the very least, there are light refreshments. Each group decides if they’d like to have more.

Will there be a curriculum for the group?
The groups have seasons where they're more curriculum based, and other periods of more organic meetings or missional focuses. 

Will there be a worship component during group meetings?
Each group has the option of a worship component, but it’s not mandatory. (Also based on the gifting and talents within the group)

What’s the best method to choose a LIFE Group?
We encourage people to select the group that meets closest to them, as it helps with proximity and relationship building. But our primary objective is to create a space for people to meet, connect, and grow.